Glow On All Platforms For Every Single Industry

Your catalogue is the mirror image of your business, attractive catalogues can bring customers and sellers close together. Give a new confidence to your sales reps and help them make a sales pitch better and crack a deal faster. When the time has changed, why should your sales approach be old? So, get ready to sell efficiently and effectively with up-to-date catalogues.

Food & Beverage
Dish out your food and beverage menu with more navigable options like signature, ingredients, promotional offers and more.
Fashion & Eyewear
Help your clients find their clothing more easily by size charts, color preferences, materials, brand and more.
Beauty & Healthcare
Sharing success stories with stunning beauty and healthcare products in Katalog helps drive more sales.
Jewelry & Watches
Present your diamond/gold jewelry products by weight, shape, color, brand type or metal used.
Home Déco & Gifts
Showcase a product's multi-angle images and effectively display your home décor and gift inventory.
Childrens Products & Toys
The market needs to be kept up-to-date all the time. Lose the hassle of regularly updating and reprinting your catalogues every new launch.
Electronic & Electrical
Deliver a memorable consumer electronics buying experience to your customers with helpful product specification information.
Consumer & Industrial Products
Bring your product line to life by adding high-quality photos and make a mark on the global market.
Events & Festivals
Events and concerts are mostly season and theme based. With the end of each season or theme, countless unused flyers are thrown away.
Services & Training
Publishing candidates for a human resource company or annoucing an open day for your training center just got easier.
You Do Not Need To Be A Tech Guy.
There’s no need for an IT expert to create your Katalog. Moreover, you can even design and roll-out your Katalog in a day’s time. Katalog is easy to navigate and our smart business filters make your products more searchable.

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