Why Use A Digital Catalogue?

The future of product content management

There are many advantages for companies using digital catalogues. Utilize our online catalogue to create captivating online catalogues that showcase your content with an unparalleled customer experience.

1. Instant Purchase
Through online catalogues, users can order products instantly with a simple click. They can navigate through the catalogues using the search option and locate the items they want without wasting time flipping through pages. Goods can also be sold outside opening hours. Changing and quick updating of information can attract customers for the rush buy.
2. Boost Image
Attractive catalogues are capable of removing boundaries between customers and the company. They carry the charisma of the brand image and brand credibility, this results in increased trust. This gradual building of trust can act as a catalyst in the sales processes.
3. Easily Updated
You’re able to change prices, correct errors and add updates easily without the cost of reprints and you won't need to wait until your next printing to make updates, saving both time and money. There is also no worry of your catalogues becoming outdated. The more you give updated information, the more it prevents your customers from switching to other competitors.
4. More Shareable
It’s much easier to share digital versions than printed catalogues. A link to your catalogue can be shared via email, text message or social media. This allows word of your business' offerings to spread more quickly and other potential clients can be referred easily. Your online catalogue can be distributed to many and everywhere.
5. Lower Costs
Every print catalog carries certain costs. This includes the price of distribution, shipping and the costs of printing. Printed catalogues are harder to distribute and mailing costs can be expensive. Dispatching the catalogues from your company location to other regional outlets will take time. If there is a seasonal sales offer, your catalogue should reach the distributors beforehand. The delay of shipment can create a huge loss for your business. Geographical features play a role in pricing. Besides, there may be price fluctuation during the sales. At this point, all the catalogues would be discarded and new ones are published, pushing for unnecessary spending.
6. Anywhere, anytime
Digital catalogues can be viewed on any device such as tablets, smartphones and desktop. Your customers can view them on the go both when and where they desire. It’s simple, the customer can just go online and view your catalogue.
7. Insight
Customer analysis is an important practice to evaluate the customers so that the company can find out their activities related to the product or service the business is offering. A printed version of a catalogue is one where you have no idea if anyone is actually viewing it and sadly, most end up in garbage bags or on a book shelf and would never find potential customers to justify their existence... With digital catalogues it will reveal these vital pieces of information and help your marketing team decide on a different strategy and make the necessary changes with ease. Understand your customers demand and build a relationship.
8. Lifespan
Digital content in general has a longer lifespan than printed content. People can often misplace or damage a printed catalogue with many people only having one copy. An online catalogue can be viewed again and again without this worry.
9. Portable
The world is full of handy gadgets and smart devices. Make your sale reps' life easier and effective. They would no longer need to be carrying a bundle of paper brochures and catalogues to display the products when they go door-to-door to advertise your brand.
10. Availability
Your sale reps may travel to different locations to find the right customers. With a little help from digital catalogues, they don't have to travel all the way back to the office to get the printed catalogue for customers who wish to have a copy.
11. Flexibility
If your company is selling the same product at different prices to each of the customers. In a printed or traditional catalogue, you need to print separately the information about the product on the leaves of different catalogues for different customers.
Smart Move As An Extension
Of course, a digital version of your catalogue can't completely replace your print catalogue. By combining and intelligently balancing your digital and print catalogue options, a digital catalogue can help deliver more well-rounded messaging to your audience. By increasing the ways users can browse your products, combining print and digital is a smart move for businesses of all kinds.

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